BrEakOut ThE RuLEz Spanking Story

BrEakOut ThE RuLEz Spanking Story

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Lieutenant commandant Steve McGarrett is the current leader of the well known Hawaii 5-0 task force, dedicated to solve crimes involving from terrorism to kidnapping. After a rather difficult childhood, he moved to the US to turn into the first of his class marine and run a life of hard discipline, structure and following the rules to the dot.
After a couple years of settling down on the state of Hawaii and taking the job of leading the special task force of the Gov. Jameson he receives a visit of a certain little person that will change his way to see things forever.
What happens when such an structured and disciplined marine has to deal with a rebel 13 years old teenager, his own sister?

Rules are meant to be broken. J.C

*WARNING: contains non abusive spanking of a minor and foul language.

LazyWomen2020 LazyWomen2020 Dec 04, 2016
Wow three mouth that is a long time to have a sister to take care of.
Aloha_Honua Aloha_Honua Nov 12, 2016
I just saw Hawaii Five-0 and I knew it was going to be hella good!!!!
buttermilk23 buttermilk23 Mar 31, 2015
Already love this story! great chapter! Update soon please :)