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Sam By SamMadison Updated Mar 04, 2016

*on hold indefinitely*

windfall (n.) - an unexpected gift blown down by the wind

* * *
Antisocial Charlie Evans had always hated people like Rachel Martinez, but for some completely unknown reason, he finds himself stuck with her for the rest of his college life anyway.

Derping_cliffordxx Derping_cliffordxx Feb 20, 2016
Okay, I was wondering why kyla's dad's name was in the description
Veah126 Veah126 Jan 01, 2016
Is it weird that I so badly wanna know why you changed the title of the story? The previous title wasretty good, though I didn't really get what it meant. I love your stories, BTW.
Fadheelah Fadheelah Jun 05, 2015
It's the first line of the book and I'm already in love ❤️
crossingseas crossingseas Apr 12, 2015
Sam I was actually looking forward to reading this, but Wattpad had glitched and lost my reading list so I'm super excited to read this.
                              I love the whole past and present thing it's an interesting way to write and I've only seen one other story on Wattpad do it. So I'm super excited to read it x
supernatural-bish supernatural-bish Mar 29, 2015
It's so strange, reading about Kyla's parents. It feels weird.
supernatural-bish supernatural-bish Mar 29, 2015
Within the first page of this book, I am already drowning because it is so deep.