My Cyber {Hiro Hamada x Reader}

My Cyber {Hiro Hamada x Reader}

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A/N hi~ this is slightly awkward but this is my first Hiroxreader so plzzzzzz dont kill meh :3
You should know the code by now but just in case;
(Y/N) - Your (first/nick/chosen name) (L/N) - Your last name (H/C) - Hair Colour [i use 'colour' because i'm irish using british english okay? :3] (H/L) - hair length 

Also, everyone has Japanese sounding names beacuse I feel that's appropriate for Big Hero 6 but if you want to give your character a different type, be my guest~ ^.^


"Mum! (Y/N) keeps taking my fabrics!" Yura, (Y/n)'s older sister called to their mother. (y/n) was only 8, but had the mental ability of a 15 or 16 year old, she was already in 6th grade, AT AGE 8. It was easy to tell Yura was jealous of her younger sister, but honestly? Who could blame her?

The two grew up in a small house in the suburban parts of Londney (mix between London and Sydney) with their young mother, Azuka, Yura's father, Ren,...

lol my friend spells color with a u too and in a math project she used "colour" and our teacher underlined it and put question marks
tsunamisea tsunamisea Jul 13
I read so many anime fanfics, that when I read (Y/N) or (F/N) my brain immediately refers to Ryuu, because when I read anime fics, "Libby" doesn't normally fit 😝😋
I'm just going to pronounce it "lodney" because I have a hard time with the way it's spelled ;-;
I am not Good at Social Studies or History whatsoever, Math and Science is what im best at and their only decent grades
Hahahhaha it's funny because this story portrays me as smart and I'm on wattpad reading an x reader at 1:00 am on a school night
Yeah cuz I'm a... so awesome... heh... IM NOT TALENTED AT ALL *eats tacos while crying in the corner*