My Cyber {Hiro Hamada x Reader}

My Cyber {Hiro Hamada x Reader}

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A/N hi~ this is slightly awkward but this is my first Hiroxreader so plzzzzzz dont kill meh :3
You should know the code by now but just in case;
(Y/N) - Your (first/nick/chosen name) (L/N) - Your last name (H/C) - Hair Colour [i use 'colour' because i'm irish using british english okay? :3] (H/L) - hair length 

Also, everyone has Japanese sounding names beacuse I feel that's appropriate for Big Hero 6 but if you want to give your character a different type, be my guest~ ^.^


"Mum! (Y/N) keeps taking my fabrics!" Yura, (Y/n)'s older sister called to their mother. (y/n) was only 8, but had the mental ability of a 15 or 16 year old, she was already in 6th grade, AT AGE 8. It was easy to tell Yura was jealous of her younger sister, but honestly? Who could blame her?

The two grew up in a small house in the suburban parts of Londney (mix between London and Sydney) with their young mother, Azuka, Yura's father, Ren,...

MeowMyastic MeowMyastic Aug 25, 2016
I have wondered… is being super inteligent the only way to get near Hiro-senpai?
WafflestheKiller WafflestheKiller Sep 25, 2016
Hey I'm Irish too! Wooo beer for everyone! (And no I don't mean this in a stereotype way I just like beer)
YodaSakamaki YodaSakamaki Dec 29, 2016
Btw Yura is not Japanese people. its Korean. If u were thinking it was Japanese not Korean...
Enderripper Enderripper Sep 13, 2016
Can u please tell me how you do the sound thing I forgot how to do it
bookies16 bookies16 Dec 28, 2015
I like my tea how I like my men. Hot and British. 'Ello fellow Brit!
YukaTheReaper YukaTheReaper Dec 07, 2015
Fact is, my real name IS Yura. XDD this story just creeped me out a bit