Tadashi/Hiro/Baymax X Reader One Shots

Tadashi/Hiro/Baymax X Reader One Shots

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. By laurenxkirk Updated Aug 12, 2015

Just another oneshot book with the Hamada brothers and the one and only Baymax. cx

They'll be my ideas but if you wanna suggest anything you can do that through comments and messages and I'll make a oneshot you want, dedicated to you. :]

I don't do smut, lemons, limes etc etc. I'll try to be cute, stupid and childish with my oneshots, and perhaps there'll be some angst too. 

This is my first oneshot book so like forgive me if it's shizziple. :x



(Y/N) - Your name
(L/N) - (Your) Last name
(F/C) - (Your) Favourite colour
(H/C) - (Your) Hair colour
(H/L) - (Your) Hair length
(E/C) - (Your) Eye colour

Tadashi Hamada © Disney
Hiro Hamada © Disney 
Baymax © Disney

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HookdOnCaptainSwan HookdOnCaptainSwan Jul 03, 2017
Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot Chocolate!!! 
                              People won't get the reference
Soy_Seyla_prros Soy_Seyla_prros Dec 04, 2017
Mal pensé lo de caliente...
                              Zy k zy (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞
jaleah6609 jaleah6609 Jul 11, 2017
Am I the only one who thought of Elsa singing 'let it go' when I saw this?XD
sarahrubbish sarahrubbish Jun 22, 2016
Olaf, Marshmallow, and Baymax. Those are their names.
                              No more questions. 😎
- - Mar 27, 2016
For anyone who doesn't know what a torch is, besides the ones used in old timey stuff, a torch is what British people call flashlights. I'm a n00b and I didn't know that Tadashi didn't literally have a torch, so I searched it up and saved you skrubs from wasting 2 precious minutes of your life👍
Mfoxy0311 Mfoxy0311 Jun 09, 2016
Thanks Tadashi, everyone loves being asked if they're homeless