Percy Jackson : The Return

Percy Jackson : The Return

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Syd By PercyJackson81893 Updated Apr 26, 2016

Please don't read this. It sucks and it's not finished and it will waste your time. That's not sarcasm. 

Don't read.

As far as Percy knew, he was forgotten. A Hero without saving and a man without a will. 

Percy Jackson was long dead.

But he never knew that some 'Godly' force would took him, and he never knew that he'll have a home. 

That is, until someone really do took him in.

And that is the start of another chapter of his life and he was happy.

Until he was ordered to go back. 
Go to Camp Half Blood.
To Annabeth Chase.

Suck at Descriptions,

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.....ok..... I read his name as Cameron CHASE instead of Chance and I was like HOLD UP! WHAT?! and then I read it again and I went phew 😅😂😂
SupoMinor SupoMinor Sep 24
OR (Stay with me here) you could use your last words to swear on the dam river that Cameron is lying about you being evil.
SparkleA1220 SparkleA1220 Mar 13, 2016
Welcome to Camp Ilíthios! Here you will be ruled by the Alazonikí Council.
Dat_Magikarp Dat_Magikarp Mar 25, 2016
This is the first 'betrayal' (I guess you would call it) fanfiction where he's not proposing. Props to you 👍
SnowyStarfle SnowyStarfle Apr 13, 2016
I read that 'Drinking my blue cookie' and I was like WAH *double take* XD
BobTheBuilder7177 BobTheBuilder7177 Aug 05, 2016
YEAH GREAT STORRY. THIS IS THE BEST STORRY EVER WHOOOOOOO A WHOPPING 1 chapter it took me 3 days to read. full of TWISTS AND TURNS so beutifull😭