Amber and Ember

Amber and Ember

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Amber: A queer Asian girl with snarky comebacks to everything. She's impulsive and spontaneous, which comes as both a blessing and a curse. 

Ember: A not-so mediocre guy with disgruntled comments. His heart seems to be made out of stone- a cold, marble stone. 

They are put together, guess who gets more irked at the misfortune of their names? That's right, you'll never know.

Unless you read, of course.

I'm Asian and stuff x3 Fudge the people who calls us "aliens" ._.
I'm an Asian too and FÜCK those people who think of us as 'Aliens'
I'm Asian but the problem here is that apparently Indians aren't 'proper' Asians to other Asians. Like, do we not live in Asia?!?
Why the fück is the principal so rude? Damn you bald headed man with an oily nose!
The founder... Yeah... (To author, please don't take it seriously!)
talk_about_akward_14 talk_about_akward_14 Dec 23, 2015
Yeah Ikr, if someone steals my works I'll kidnap them and throw them in the ocean.