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Clumsy, accident prone and damn right weird is how people often describe Skylar Martin and it didn't surprise her that even the opposite sex didn't seem to be attracted to these qualities either.

But is that all about to change?

When Sky discovers her fathers deepest darkest secrets she knows she must do anything to protect her family even if it means marrying a man she doesn't even know and trying to become the woman she wasn't born to be. With threats and hard decisions to make Sky will have to deal with more then just her quirky and crazy inner self but also the demands of her new fiance.

Has she taken on more then she can handle? Read and find out.

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Royal01s Royal01s Oct 14
I already see this as a bad idea. I just met her and even I know she shouldn't be anywhere near a knife.
Venonimous_Queen Venonimous_Queen 2 days ago
Once my P.E teacher said there 's no difference between boys and girls
                              I nodded my head and he asked what was wrong 
                              I moved my eyes to his private parts😥
                              That was embarassing
I can't omg i just can't with her inner self and her😂 it's 230 in the morning and I can't laugh out loud
eagle231 eagle231 Nov 11
Oh my god😂 I love this book and this is just the second chapter!:*
Sauce?....oh dear god please don't be what my sister just said
Venonimous_Queen Venonimous_Queen 2 days ago
                              This book is amazing
                              I CAN'T BREATHE