Unforgotten       (Dean x reader)

Unforgotten (Dean x reader)

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Deanm0n By Deanm0n Updated Jul 04, 2016

"Rise and shine!" My brother yells at me. I pull the covers over my head.

"5 more minutes Ash," I pleaded mumbling almost every word. But, it was know use, Ash pulled me out of bed. 

"Here," he says handing me a cup of coffee. "Your gonna need this. Today we start the new case." And so I had my coffee, had my shower, and went for my jog. 

Once I got back, we got dressed in our FBI clothes and set out. 

No more than 5 minutes we arrive to the seen. "Hello officers." I say casually. 

"I'm sorry mam you can't go beyond this point." Said the officer. We show him our badges. 

"Hi my name is agent April Tower and this is my partner Philip Smith and we are working this case." I say calmly, well for a person who is lying. 

The officer lets us go in to the girls apartment. "So what do you think it is? Shifter?" I question him. "I have no idea guess we'll have to take a trip to the morgue."

"Another set of agents?" We both turn our heads to the officers rough voice, heart racing faster t...

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aalinde aalinde Apr 19, 2017
Okay lets all take a big breath and step back that escalated way to quick
sherlock_holmes1881 sherlock_holmes1881 May 10, 2017
I'm just imagining ash in a suit but he still has she mullet going to interrogate someone😅
Krzy_Gamer Krzy_Gamer Oct 13, 2016
If I'm suppose to be 10 and my younger brother 7 then how old are Dean and Sam if they are already dealing with demons and such???