Everlasting love(bwwm)

Everlasting love(bwwm)

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demerhi By demerhi Updated Apr 25, 2016

Lauren Summers is a 21 year old African American girl. She just graduated from Columbia University and is looking for a job. She is a medium tone mocha mixed color. She's 5'7 ,chocolate brown eyes, black medium length hair, and curves in all the right places.She loves New York and is trying to find her place here - what will she do?

And then there's Giovanni Vinecello. 24 year old bachelor. He owns a multi-billion dollar company. He is New York's most handsomest player. He is with a new chick every week. every man wants to be him and every girl wants to keep him. He is a 6'3 delicious piece of white chocolate. He is half Brazilian, Italian, and columbian.

What do you think will happen when these two different backgrounds cross? Will it be smooth or bumpy? I don't know. Let's read and find out!

I do not own any of the pictures I used in this book. Please give credit to the original owner. Also no one may recreate, copy, use without permission my book. This book may not be recreated in any way. All credit goes to the people that deserve it. No one may use or recreate this book or thy will suffer a small fine of $1000.

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anitacrida anitacrida Jun 28, 2017
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heyitsbranell heyitsbranell Jun 21, 2017
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crazylady15 crazylady15 Jul 10, 2017
Honestly vanilla ice has too much time on his hands .... why stop to insult somebody smh
S-T-O-P-I-T S-T-O-P-I-T Jul 21, 2016
I don't care how cute you are, you bout to get these fists, feet and knees 
Elephant0414 Elephant0414 Apr 02, 2016
Longer one I like how bold she is she rocks.Why he's so hateful to her.