A pregnancy story

A pregnancy story

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Mad Max By maxd01 Completed

Ashleigh was a young woman who was close to delivery when she ran.  She was running from the father of her baby since she was sure he would kill the baby if he knew she had kept it.  When she had told him she was pregnant he had coldly told her to just get rid of it.

Josh and Adam were returning to their Pack house after investigating some questionable livestock kills.  They came across Ashleigh after her car died.  They had found potential evidence of several rogues simply killing for fun.  What made it very concerning was it appeared several different species of were's were involved.

Is there a link between the human and the were's?  Only time could tell.

  • action
  • babies
  • lone-wolfs
  • pregnancy
  • rogues
  • romance
  • technology
  • were-animals
ArthurLes ArthurLes Jun 09, 2017
Nah might need a lap dance mind you he would probably think she was getting comfy
borgman78 borgman78 Mar 07, 2017
I think you are missing a word in the you don't need to worry the delivery
borgman78 borgman78 Mar 07, 2017
In they were very careful not to let her rained on, are you missing a word?
GlenMaddock GlenMaddock Nov 05, 2015
Ohh that's interesting I missed that in the sampler. Nice there's going to be one pissed of were somewhere.
firerose78 firerose78 Mar 22, 2015
ok ok. I concede. Hollywood should be shot for being unrealistic. tell you one thing though for all ickyness involved a baby is worth it. oh and epidurals are god sent. lol
firerose78 firerose78 Mar 21, 2015
seems to be a good start to the story.  looking forward to reading more of it. men are pansies when it comes to  the delivery. bloody suks. lol