Dead Son of Primo?

Dead Son of Primo?

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NeverStray By NeverStray Completed

After becoming Vongola Decimo, Tsuna thought live couldn't get more crazier when Byakuran suddenly crashed his into Tsuna's office and screamed.

"Tsu-Chan! I'm sending you to another world for vacation!"

And that's when the drama starts
Tsuna finds himself in a parallel world where the First Generation is still alive and the worst part. His (parallel-parts) friends are Sons to the First Generation. But where is Tsuna's counterpart?
and to make matters even worst,

" counterpart die?!?"


Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Oct 14
Byakuran.... The marshmallow king...... He has a Tsuna-complex... have a Tsuna-complex
seryutammi seryutammi Mar 20, 2015
wonder how the guardians can landed from falling from 1000ft