Try (Austin Mahone Short Love Story / Fan Fiction)

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Mary Kayden was known around school as the happy, sweet, friendly girl with good grades. Not only did she have a flawless reputation and personality, but she had looks to match. She was nearly perfect in everyone's eyes, including Austin Mahone's. Austin was very much like every other teenage boy in high school. He played football, had friends, got along with almost everyone, and he even did things like forgetting his homework. Austin and Mary never came into contact. They knew of each other and heard things that other people said, but never really cared to get to know each other. That was until a cold fall day when Austin finds Mary in the woods after school, planning to do something that could change everything forever. A friendship soon develops and through all of the tears, sorrow, and other emotions incorporated, something else is formed that neither of them can act on. Should Austin give up on his feelings towards Mary, or should he give them a try?
Well im sure the story is gonna be awesome but maybe you could consider adding Mary's POV too..
I know this is your story but could you at least think about doing the story in others point of views…??
I just re read this book over and over. I love it soo sooo much!!
omg when he said evrything changed on oct23rd well...that's the day before my bday lol 24th
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Wow. Very unique story. Im loving it! Keeo writing p.s. love the song choices. :)