The Stripper Who Cried Wolf

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Dina Bresnen By Mysterious-x-Girl Updated 3 years ago
Fawn is a beautiful stripper that hates her job, hates her family and hates her life. Jordan is an alpha werewolf and he's got his eyes on the fawn and ready to pounce...
I have a C cup and I absolutely hate them, I know it could be worse but why would u want big  boobs do u know the back pain that comes with big boos
Vicente is a feisty female fox. fawn is a gentle female deer
                                    You get it?
Wait....a fawn is a baby deer? IDK IM SO CONFUSED WITH MYSELF
Oh the irony. Let me explain: Vixen as in one of Santa's reindeer and Fawn is like the female deer Okay NVM hehehe XP
I'm confused did it change POVs coz I read this chap like five times and I still can't figure it out and I got lost
um my mom is literally so skinny and she had J's before her breast reduction