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His Soulmate

His Soulmate

121K Reads 2.7K Votes 22 Part Story
Seri5729 By Seri5729 Updated Mar 02, 2014

(I'm not good at these things. Sorry)
When a 17 year old girl gets pregnant by her abusive father she thought things couldn't get any worse.
One day, she is kidnapped and auctioned off as a vampire slave.
What will the vampire Prince do when he finds out about the pregnancy?
Will the Prince ever come to like Lauren as more than a slave?
Read to find out :)

Annaellemomus Annaellemomus Oct 23, 2016
I don't really understand what's going on but perhaps with further reading i will understand. Though it appear to be great
Celia_Swan Celia_Swan Dec 08, 2013
Quite snappy, you could try to make sentences flow for an easier read. Love the story- what a great idea!
gorda13 gorda13 Jun 15, 2013
I really loved but I would like if you could comment me wen the second part of this book will come out or you can email me when the book is uploaded
ilike2read2 ilike2read2 Apr 28, 2013
I really like it, you keeping it right to the point and on track.  so far I can enjoy it better.
Sparkeeza Sparkeeza Apr 21, 2013
Its amazing,i hope that they both fall in love, and I wonder how she got pregnant, its the best! Its amazing!