My step-father [h.s] || daddy kink

My step-father [h.s] || daddy kink

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Beckyyy By daddystyless_ Updated Feb 09, 2016

Harry Styles, a 32 year old who lived in a town just outside of London his whole life. When he meets an older women from America, he can't help but see opportunity in a relationship. Through lots of dates and flowers, he finally finds the right time to propose.   

Mary, your average 17 year old who's parents got a divorce, finds herself wondering what her mom does when she goes to England every month. When her mom breaks the news that she'll be marrying a British man who will now move to Philadelphia with them, she doesn't know what to think.   

What happens when Harry meets the young Mary? He can't help but feel the need to take care of her and lavish her with gifts. 

"I only married your mom to get closer with you, princess."

Unless ur dad gave u sum good dick he isn't gonna replace ur actual father
He's not gonna ever wanna leave when he gets a taste of dat pussy
He finna take her on a fúcking erryday trip to England since the age of consent is 17 there lol