Mr. Billionaire [Book 1 & 2]

Mr. Billionaire [Book 1 & 2]

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"I want you forever, not just for tonight."

- Xavier.

Alexandria Reid's life is about to change drastically when she accidentally bumps into Mr. Billionaire, himself. Ever since their first encounter Xavier couldn't get his mind of the five foot seven, brown-haired, dark blue-eyed, brown-skinned beauty. She was different and he could tell. He will do anything to get her to feel the same way little did he know she already did. 

Mr. Billionaire 

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Cover by: @Sally_Hsuper

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I would've took a plane,train and cab. Bcuz those kids would be with their parents. Surprise! Here's ur crumb snatchers 😝! And I'm out ✌!
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"I'm putting the kids out by the road with their things at 7:30pm on Friday. Your move."
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I'm just like that. I tell my sister all the time if you want her to eat then you better bring her something to eat otherwise she will starve with me... lbvs
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Don't mind her, while she gets popped in the back of her head
All we have 2 do is the STAAR tests then 1 week after is the end of school
As I say to my niece & nephews - "I'm not your mom so I don't have to love you. I do it by choice. Don't give me any reasons to change my mind."  That usually helps them remember that I'm not playing with them.