Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

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Louisa By FallenHeartless Updated 3 years ago
The Title says it all. Meet midnight - Once a sweet little girl. But was caught up in with drugs, sex, rock and roll. She's scared of her boyfriend and feels confined in her flat that she shares with her band mates and shes stuck in the same hetch lifestyle that seems to put her life through hell and back expect things that you thought was not possible. With all these troubles, annoying and heart breaking chapters of her life -  Can she find her true love and settle down or will she be stuck in her heckic ways?
                                    The rest were really, really good! Keep it up! :))) 
UGH! He is so ungrateful! And why must he say good girl?! Its so condescending like he is talking to a dog who doesn't understand! I really don't like him -.- he is a meany head.  I was so nervous though when she was talking to the driver! I would have been freaking out! :o
Man I wish people at motels were really that nice... I always end up paying way to much for way to little!  I liked it! I can't wait to see how it goes! 
some grammar errors from here and there but nothing that rereading can't fix :)) not my ideal story but it's good so far :)) keep it up! :D
i want more reading material.....
                                    i got to the end and wanted the story to expand, to continue, you must keep writing, its awesome