What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas. Got it?

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas. Got it?

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Rosalie (Yes, like the Twilight biatch) By Rosalie_69 Updated Jan 17, 2011

You have an overly crazy mother that takes you to Vegas.
You later find out that she and the bane of you existence's parents set you up to spend the summer (And two months) with them. 
And then you wake up..
In a bed.
With a person.
Who you just might not like.

This said person asks you a question that is out of this world! Something that you would never agree to in a million years! You would never marry him!

He tells you it's temporary and fake.
You consider.
Then agree.

This all happened to Mercedes Alvarez. 

What would YOU do?

Just remember, Alvarez, O'Donnell:

What happens In Vegas, stays in Vegas. Got it?

MaylaLee88 MaylaLee88 Jul 13, 2013
everytime I read max I'm suddenly reminded of duncan from TDI hahah
secret_dont_tell_Xx secret_dont_tell_Xx Jan 07, 2011
i have to say that guy you have for the max is smockin' hot!
                              and i love max!!!!!
blindopptimism blindopptimism Dec 30, 2010
<3 this story. p.s there is no water in vegas' air none its a dry land but i like visiting, even if it is a 3hr drive give or take.
iluvcoldplay iluvcoldplay Dec 04, 2010
love this, but i just gotta tell ya, having lived in vegas....the day it's humid there is the day that hell freezes over.....it's a desert, meaning it pretty much sucks the moisture out of everything. minor detail, no biggy. = )
hereforthemusic hereforthemusic Nov 14, 2010
I feel SO special:)
                              dedicated.... To MOI!! hahaha beat that Arnold!! Shwartzeneggger..
Rosalie_69 Rosalie_69 Oct 19, 2010
                              Hehe, Who the hell knows?
                              Well, for what I've heard it's WHALE'S penis..