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La Casa Nostra (Claudio Marchisio AU)

La Casa Nostra (Claudio Marchisio AU)

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🙃🙃 By paulpogbas Completed

The Sicilian Mafia.

A secret criminal syndicate.

Roma Salvatore was the daughter of one of the highest members in the Sicilian mafia. All her life she had been protected by her six older brothers and her Mafia family. But for the past few years she has been living in Milan with her mother's family because of the dangers surrounding the Mafia.

Her Father's friend, the leader of the Sicilian Mafia, is dying. A brain tumor slowly killing him. His eldest son, Claudio is set to become his successor. Claudio Marchisico is your typical Italian, a gentlemen and good with the ladies.

When Roma comes back to Sicily as a new and matured woman she catches the attention of Claudio.

But with her strong personality, her over protective family and the fact that Claudio has a long list of lovers makes it very difficult for him.

jadalee115 jadalee115 Feb 20
Idk if I gonna make through this book I don't like time setting before my birth
whenthestrangercalls whenthestrangercalls Dec 06, 2016
                              Giovanni and Giorgio
                              Damm lucky girl ... Such a long list of siblings 
                              And I don't even have one😢😢
vollandsmeg vollandsmeg Jul 14, 2016
Sorry I just read that the book is set In 1950. 😅 Anyways what I said is still true, only that now There is ever more mafia in Milan than back I'm the 50s
whenthestrangercalls whenthestrangercalls Dec 06, 2016
Awww that's so cute😱😳😍😍😍 can I get 2 of them as my brothers please
whenthestrangercalls whenthestrangercalls Dec 06, 2016
1950 😢 does that mean there will be no phones ... So no texting back and forth
desmadres desmadres Oct 21, 2015
the fact that this is set in 1950 made me scream like a little girl