Lollipop Boys

Lollipop Boys

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alice By rainbowgirl Updated Aug 13, 2010

20-year-old guys feeling and acting like caring and sensitive grownups - that only happens in teen romance novels. Not in real life. 

In real life, men of all ages act like 5-year-old kids desperate for a lollipop. Especially if they see a beautiful woman, and especially if this beautiful woman happens to be in the same room and it’s well over midnight. Who the hell decided that beds were made for sleeping anyway?

So I was stuck into that tiny room with two beds and a guy who had obviously decided that I was gonna be his next lollipop.

And you know what they do with the stick after the candy is eaten? 

They throw it away... And look for a new one.

I wasn’t going to let that happen. 

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rainbowgirl rainbowgirl Aug 13, 2010
@Jessie137 wow. thanks :) and you're lucky, i just posted the next chapter a minute ago :))) 
                              from there, it goes with the flow... right now i have no idea what's gonna happen next. i'll see, maybe my heroes will talk to me in my dreams :P
Jessie137 Jessie137 Aug 13, 2010
Don't be frightened, the unknown can be a fun experience if you just relax and enjoy yurepf and go with the flow. The story seems okay so far. Upload soon