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FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios

FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios

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whatever By headintheclouds123 Updated Feb 20

Hey, guys! I decide to do a FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios! I'll be including:
Golden Freddy
and maybe Chico if you guys want! I hope you guys like it!

Moongem1 Moongem1 Sep 28, 2016
XD if I was actually in the foxy one 
                              Me irl- wassup my main man!!! I'm just gonna go over to this corner and cry cuz that's what I do with my life :rolls over to the corner and is ded:
Alexandrite500 Alexandrite500 Sep 24, 2016
                              *brings out microphone and screams*
                              *drops le mic*
AshDaWolf AshDaWolf Oct 23, 2016
I'd be like, "Bye I guess..." And then when I got home tell everyone on wattpad about it XD
Alexandrite500 Alexandrite500 Sep 24, 2016
Why am I so rude to Chica..? I'm kinda, slightly, somewhat, faintly, vaguely -ok you should get it now- I'm EXTREMELY worried that she's gonna bite my head off and suck all my blood to use in pizza.
                              Plot-twist: Chica is secretly a vampire ;3
kenny_fnaf kenny_fnaf Aug 27, 2016
Me in fanfics: *blushes* o-oh 
                              Me irl: ...uh I think you talkin to the wrong person OH are you talkn about my wall because my walls pretty hot
weird_neko weird_neko Dec 20, 2015
Wow most parents at least let you be a legal adult till they make you pay