All Mine [Mpreg][Book Three]

All Mine [Mpreg][Book Three]

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Rihhhhh By Drixton17 Completed

Look, I don't care how it happened

I don't need to know how it happened

I already knew how it happened

It didn't exactly take long to realize how it happened

But why? 

Why did it happen? To me of all people?

But it did

It did happen to me

And now It was my problem

Yeah, All Mine

This is book three of the YMO series.

Rikuheart123 Rikuheart123 Dec 09, 2016
aww the gay lfe and being married in a gay relationshiphas its quirks
stardust2461 stardust2461 Sep 16, 2016
I was thinking he would say that they could all day for all I care,it was funnier when he said read books instead of die.
iWhynotread iWhynotread Feb 10, 2016
am i the only one who eats breakfast for dinner someyimes?
                              just me..
                              okay bye
fartingpickles fartingpickles Jan 11, 2016
I have twin friends named Taylor and Tyler, but Taylor's a girl
                              Their birthday's tomorrow actually lol
theweirddork theweirddork Jul 21, 2015
Soccer. Rugby. Um tennis . And volleyball those require a brain!
silverfalcon332 silverfalcon332 Jul 16, 2015
I beg to differ! To play a sport you do have to have a little intelligence.