Dragon Slayer Mating  Season

Dragon Slayer Mating Season

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Toucat By Toucat Updated May 13

Its dragon slayer mating season!
Mating season is the time when dragon slayers go out to find their soul mate and claim the person as their own. 
At this time, dragon slayers can be very dangerous to everyone and very protective of their chosen mate.
But, their soul mates have mysteriously disappeared at the hand of a dark group called Shadow. 
Now, the dragon slayers must set off on an adventure to find the 4 jewels to open a portal.

Fairy Tail and its characters all belong to Hiro Mashima

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Kawaii_cake525 Kawaii_cake525 Nov 25, 2017
It's Erza Not Ezra, Ezra is a book of the Bible in the old testament, Erza Is From fairy tail as the Strawberry cake lover, and Somebody who could kill you Very Different xD
I name this big line Hamilton 
                              LIKE HAMILTONS BIG DIC- squad...
Kawaii_cake525 Kawaii_cake525 Nov 25, 2017
love how she goes straight to Gajeel like All the other boys don't matter xD
I name this line Love 
                              FOR EVERYONE WHO LOVED HAMILTON
wetgyalkialia wetgyalkialia Jul 11, 2017
Dear lasagna
                              Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              Lucy's for Natsu 
                              Not for you
                              If by chance
                              You take her place
                              I'll take my fist and SMASH 
                              Your face😁😎☠👿👹
NaLu_Oncoming_Storm NaLu_Oncoming_Storm Apr 15, 2017
Master: You're welcome. 😊 *thinking* time to prepare for little Natsu's and Lucy's running around cause knowing those brats they will. NALU WILL HAPPEN! I will make sure of that... He he he... 😈😈😈