It took one look.

It took one look.

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One look lead to another. It's either now or never... 

Alex Ryder. 17 year old living in fear since 10 years old. Her love for soccer is the only thing that is keeping her up ever since her mother was in the hospital. Her father hasn't let one opportunity pass that he has laid a hand on her. Abuse. All forms of it she has survived through and lives with a walking nightmare. She needs someone in her life before she breaks. 

Jake Wilson. Sexy, beautiful, hot and every girl wants to touch his 6 pack. His brown thick hair makes a girl smirk at the thought. His piercing blue eyes. His smile that makes girl go crazy over.  Alpha. Werewolf finding his mate. His eyes are glued to one girl but, he can't seem to understand her. He needs to push through to get to her with the wall she is holding against everyone. 

He's her prince charming. She's his princess. Will it be a happily ever ending or not? 

{ please take a look. My first book. I would really appreciate it! } -Arsh :)

Kath2098 Kath2098 Jul 06
I do not agree with the abuse but the things he said are just REALLY genius😂😂👌🏻 good job author
SheIsAmazon SheIsAmazon Jun 27
I'm crying. 
                              I'm listening to music.
                              I'm reading this.
xarthebean xarthebean Apr 24, 2016
Quick question to people: Is this girl a werewolf, or is the guy going to  bring her into their world?
Wonderfulwombat Wonderfulwombat Jul 09, 2016
Honey your Father is the one who ruined the family. He doesn't deserve to walk you down the aisle.
whatnormality whatnormality Mar 01, 2016
i love her thoughts, even though they are sad its interesting to see how small she makes them because of how small - insignificant she feels.
Sin4You Sin4You Jan 08, 2016
Not to he mean but if he's abusing u I don't think he's gonna wanna walk u down the isle