Sammy's sister

Sammy's sister

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hypewilk By hypewilk Updated Jul 13, 2015

Brittneys POV

I got up from my bed and ran over to Nates room, I opened the door quietly and ran and jumped on him. Then before I knew it he was tickling me I screamed for him to stop but it didn't work. So when he was finally done he took a pic of us and put in out Instagram. instantly we got comments saying they shipped us. I mean I like Nate but sammy won't let me date him 1 because I'm his sister 2 because he thinks he's gonna brake my heart. I went back to my room to get ready for volleyball practice I whore my purple and pink splatter paint nike pros with and long sleeve t shirt and black nike socks. I walked down stairs and saw Sammy and Nate talking in the kitchen so I run up and jumped on Sammy and told him I was getting ready to leave and that I would be back after practice. "Bye Britt, have fun" Nate and Sammy said at the same time.

I got to the gym and almost everyone was there we were just waiting on Haley and about five minutes later she show...

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