Haven's Winter (#Wattys 2015)

Haven's Winter (#Wattys 2015)

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b o o k l i o n By delenaftw Completed

»And as the sun turns the sky to gold, then bright red, then dark blue, I realize something. Something I knew for a long time, but refused to admit it to myself. Something so simple, yet so complicated I missed it when it was right in front of me.

I'm falling in love with Noah.«


The word that has many definitions.

To Haven Winter, it meant sacrifice, hope, dedication. 

But, to Noah Xander, it only meant one thing. 


Haven lost her parents in a tragic accident. 

Noah lost himself in a failed relationship.

Eventually, they found each other. 

Love. The word with countless definitions.

However, not all of them are good.

kyraaprincess kyraaprincess Apr 14, 2016
Yes finaly Some book were they listen to the neigbourhood 💕💕
ManuSousa5 ManuSousa5 Sep 09, 2016
bluecrayon11 bluecrayon11 Mar 07, 2016
It feels like she doesn't care that her parents died. She moved on so easily.
Skyrose2001 Skyrose2001 Feb 22, 2016
I feel like they had a secret relationship, but she forgot... Idk, my attempt at trying to predict stuff.
asoola8 asoola8 Mar 25, 2016
This is my 2nd time reading the book and it always gets to me😢😭😭😭
TheRed_Chevelle TheRed_Chevelle Mar 02, 2016
                              SWEATER WEATHER! too bad I'm in Texas and it never calls for one 😂😡