Broken Wings ‹‹‹ ziall

Broken Wings ‹‹‹ ziall

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Niall Horan deals with homophobic assholes every day at school, that is until some new douche bag shows up. 

Zayn Malik is a 'bad boy' as he likes to call himself, and Niall can't help but be attracted to him, but this bad boy isn't exactly a human. 

Zayn is a fallen angel. Sent to protect Niall from the people that want to kill him, and maybe, just maybe fall in love with the blonde weirdo.

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5secondsofslumber96 5secondsofslumber96 Dec 21, 2016
I think braces and glasses are cute, and I like to wear ties and suspenders
RebelliousEmoji RebelliousEmoji Apr 03, 2016
Back at it again with the white vans. 😹😹 I'm sorry I just had to.
dereklmaotruealpha dereklmaotruealpha May 22, 2016
In my school if you are lesbian or gay you are the best friend of everyone
VanillaButterflies VanillaButterflies Dec 26, 2016
are you sure that's zayn malik's voice because it ain't as hell deep
Niall_IsMyLeprechaun Niall_IsMyLeprechaun Jul 20, 2016
This is me when my crush talked to me then defended me!💕😂😂
FoodIsBetter_thanyou FoodIsBetter_thanyou Jun 29, 2016
If Niall dies i would send a hit man from the deep web to get you :))) okay ill stop being a psychopath and read this 
                              Ps I'm an angry child and I comment A lot LOL