Mark's Bad Attitude (Markson Fanfic)

Mark's Bad Attitude (Markson Fanfic)

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It was 7:40 AM, Monday morning. 

Mark was asleep in his room, headphones on. The redhead was wearing nothing but boxers. 

"MARK! Get up, now! You'll be late!" his mom screamed.

Mark began to wake up from his mother's horrible screaming. He began to get irritated. His mom continued to holler.

"SHIT! I'm up already! Shut up!" Mark yelled back.

With his hot temper, he would say anything to anyone, regardless if they were family or not. Knowing that he was in one of his moods, his mom decided to keep her mouth shut.

Mark headed to the bathroom and slammed the door. He washed up. By the time he was done, his temper cooled. Mark got dressed and headed downstairs to the living room. 

"Eat your break--"

"Whatever," Mark cut his mom off. He walked out the door and went straight to school. He made no effort to rush since he was already late. 

Mark took out a cigarette from his bag and lit it. He took a long drag and exhaled the poisonous smoke. By the time he reached school, he finished...

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taarke taarke 3 days ago
Be glad my mom isn't your mom, Tuan. Because if she was, you'd be 6ft underground by now
uM, nO tHaT iS nOt tHe mArkIe-pOoH wE aLl kNoW aNd lOvE wHERE DID IT GO WRONG?!
deemod deemod Jan 05
I mean I respect straight relationships but in this Fanfic I am all for markson
LOLOL_907 LOLOL_907 4 days ago
                              Dude, for all you could know, Hyuna broke up with Mark (which didn’t happen lol)
CShil5 CShil5 7 days ago
If I said that to my mother. 
                              Death would be my best friend and a gravestone would be my boyfriend.
ExCuSe YoU sIr ThATs NOt HeaLtHy
                              ANd WhO sAId YOu CouLD SmOke Cause I SuRe As HeLL Didn'T
                              P.s- Luv you to much plz stop