I have TWO Mates!?!

I have TWO Mates!?!

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I walked along the halls in school. My hands held onto the strap of my bag and my mind was clouded by my wolf. No, I'm not like the werewolves you read in books or see in movies. The moon doesn't change me, I can control when I shift, the moon just gives us wolves more energy. 

My mind was being swarmed because of my family. They're wishing me luck as I start my first year of school in a world of humans. Mom says that it would be good to get my wolf used to humans since we protect them from danger. 

You'll do great! Kyler said through a personal link between us. 

I....I don't know if I can do this i admitted to him. 

Sis they're not as bad as they seem. All you have to do is keep you wolf at bay and you'll be fine he says.

It's not my wolf I'm worried about I say watching as kids are being violently shoved around in the hallways. 

Look all you have to do is go to the office and get your classes. Mom had called in and got you all the classes your good at, a...

ExoFangirlCraze ExoFangirlCraze Aug 06, 2016
This is one of the stories that I love cauze the human is the one that is scolding the wolf.
EG_DOLAN EG_DOLAN Nov 21, 2016
See I'm in the middle when I'm around people I am boisterous rude cool fun and freaky but when I'm whit bae and my friends they can calm me down
-WeirdoReader123- -WeirdoReader123- Apr 24, 2016
Are Nika and Mika Kylers daughters? Or are they the boys mates so confused
MariahElizabeth0 MariahElizabeth0 Oct 24, 2016
I would be kinda in the middle... I don't take sh*t from people I hate, but if they r with their friends I'll back off