Inseparable Love [BTS Taehyung]

Inseparable Love [BTS Taehyung]

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We are all living in the world of loves and hates. 

Once, we were separated, but we got back and our love became stronger.

 We'll never stop protecting and loving each other. 

This is my story with Kim TaeHyung.


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jinminkookluv jinminkookluv May 31, 2017
Aigooo it's the very first chapter and things are fuvked up already 😥
unforgettable_aloe unforgettable_aloe Jul 21, 2017
She just said stop crying then said keep on? Whhhaaaaat?? But it's cool
aestheticvboy aestheticvboy Apr 17, 2017
IAmAFanOfStuff IAmAFanOfStuff Oct 24, 2017
Can i just make a point here, they seem to have like infinite storage
btsvsss btsvsss Sep 06, 2016
This is so good I'm on the first page and I'm already crying😭
blowitlikeaflutelu blowitlikeaflutelu Nov 06, 2016
Wait so did he cheat or just pretend to so that his gf would break up with him. If that's the case, he didn't have to cheat he could've just told her wtf