New Girl, New Love (Kaname Kuran x Reader)

New Girl, New Love (Kaname Kuran x Reader)

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(H/C) hair flowing in the wind, (E/C) eyes that could stare into his soul, she was the only person who could actually open him up.

Yes, he loved her.

With all of his heart.

Is it Love? Or jealousy? 😏😹 well I think both 😹😹
I would call it you fell in love at first sight and now are jelly because of Yuki 😂
Wait....this is a x reader story.....I just called myself a bitch
By far the best way of describing Yuki and kanames relationship
It's called Love or your just Jelly, if you are Jelly... here.*gives you peanut butter*
Oh well he's one of the guys that owns me 😹😹 but Yeah he does in my mind he does (because unfortunately he's not real 😢 well at least in my heart and mind he is 😭😭😭😭😭)