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New Girl, New Love (Kaname Kuran x Reader)

New Girl, New Love (Kaname Kuran x Reader)

66.2K Reads 2.2K Votes 14 Part Story
The Fabulous By LoveLoveSun Completed

(H/C) hair flowing in the wind, (E/C) eyes that could stare into his soul, she was the only person who could actually open him up.

Yes, he loved her.

With all of his heart.

Dark_Angel_1011 Dark_Angel_1011 Sep 18, 2016
OMG MEIKO FROM VOCALOID!!!!😍😍😍 but I also want rin, Miku, mayu, aoki, luka
MysticMessenger_707 MysticMessenger_707 Oct 22, 2016
Well my dad bought be a ninja blade today so one thing can lead to another..... preferably the result of me cutting here finger off
Nerdygirl6474 Nerdygirl6474 Jun 07, 2016
A Red crop top with the word blood on it then black shoes and brown long hair
xXCrystalStarsXx xXCrystalStarsXx Jan 25, 2016
Don't kill me for correcting but isn't this Yuki's name spelt with one 'u'? That's just how I see it spelt in the anime and manga.
Chlolette Chlolette Sep 21, 2015
Any recommend good romance anime? I've watched Kimi ni Todoke though
Ilovevampireknight12 Ilovevampireknight12 Apr 09, 2015
@LoveLoveSun: sry I was eating pocky and my mind wasn't thinking right:3