You Found Me

You Found Me

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DancingInTheRain By DancingInTheRain20 Updated Feb 16

Meet Sang Sorenson in an alternate universe. When the music instructor, a kind Academy member who adored Sang, passes away under mysterious circumstances the Blackbourne Team comes in to find a murderer, save the hell-hole of a school, and end up meeting a certain chameleon haired, brown eyed beauty who is unknowingly waiting to be saved.  Sang has an amazing voice and writes a lot of music.  That is how she expresses herself.  Follow this heart wrenching adventure through all the twists and turns. What can be better than reading about 9 smokin' hot guys.

Note: Beginning I wrote a bit more than a  year  before the later chapters. Meaning it is really awkward. It is a bit rough but, hopefully, it gets better as the story goes on.

*Purely entertainment;fanfiction; Cl Stones characters, not mine;No profit blah blah disclaimer...

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DonnaMiley DonnaMiley Jun 07, 2017
Oh Sang. Poor thing. Absolutely nothing special about you? Sad. So sad to think that.
Schneblie Schneblie Oct 26, 2017
I found a video on YouTube that I'm imagining to be her singing =) it's acoustic and everything
Aishjw Aishjw Oct 17, 2016
One of things I loved most about Sangs description in C.L books was her Green eyes, it's a shame it's not included in this story ☹️
littleblackpink100 littleblackpink100 May 04, 2016
This brakes my heart why does it always  have to be the sweet little sisters or brothers 😢😢😢
rebel-heart rebel-heart Jul 28, 2015
I had read this story on the cl stone website but couldnt find it again- so glad I have now!!! Its absolutely amazing!!!
DancingInTheRain20 DancingInTheRain20 Jun 03, 2015
Sorry been busy. Pinky promise I will update this story soon. Love you alll♥♡♥♡