You Found Me

You Found Me

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DancingInTheRain By DancingInTheRain20 Updated Nov 23, 2016

Meet Sang Sorenson in an alternate universe. When the music instructor, a kind Academy member who adored Sang, passes away under mysterious circumstances the Blackbourne Team comes in to find a murderer, save the hell-hole of a school, and end up meeting a certain chameleon haired, brown eyed beauty who is unknowingly waiting to be saved.  Sang has an amazing voice and writes a lot of music.  That is how she expresses herself.  Follow this heart wrenching adventure through all the twists and turns. What can be better than reading about 9 smokin' hot guys.

Note: Beginning I wrote a bit more than a  year  before the later chapters. Meaning it is really awkward. It is a bit rough but, hopefully, it gets better as the story goes on.

*Purely entertainment;fanfiction; Cl Stones characters, not mine;No profit blah blah disclaimer...

DonnaMiley DonnaMiley Jun 07
Oh Sang. Poor thing. Absolutely nothing special about you? Sad. So sad to think that.
Aishjw Aishjw Oct 17, 2016
One of things I loved most about Sangs description in C.L books was her Green eyes, it's a shame it's not included in this story ☹️
littleblackpink100 littleblackpink100 May 04, 2016
This brakes my heart why does it always  have to be the sweet little sisters or brothers 😢😢😢
rebel-heart rebel-heart Jul 28, 2015
I had read this story on the cl stone website but couldnt find it again- so glad I have now!!! Its absolutely amazing!!!
DancingInTheRain20 DancingInTheRain20 Jun 03, 2015
Sorry been busy. Pinky promise I will update this story soon. Love you alll♥♡♥♡
Jordiscy Jordiscy Jun 03, 2015
Oh my. She is especially broken. Instead of having no one to love her growing up, she had loved and had them taken away in the worst way possible. I'm cutting on you to fix her, Mr. Blackbourne!