Skin Deep

Skin Deep

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Taishae Chanel King

Sitting by my window as the night sky covered the city I was trying to see the day through my eyes of when I can finally get the fuck out of here, I'm tired of being imprisoned to this place that's suppose to be home . Everyone wants the same thing but we all go about getting it the wrong way . For a female my age there's only certain shit we are limited to do around here, our only choice is to lay on our backs and pray none of us become somebody's mother in the future or become a slave to these streets . To me this shit is all the same, there is no way out for any us here . You do what you can to keep your head above water or fall victim to the everyday shit we work so damn hard to stay away from but your odds for better are slim to none .

Growing up I lost all hope of any damn chance of making it out of here, people usually rep where they're from but not me I don't give fuck about Oakland . These streets made me who I am but it's turned the closest people to me ...

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Bitch struggling and all they got to say is "ayye Oakland " like wtf
AmmiBoo3 AmmiBoo3 Nov 04
I'd run fast as fuvk as if the person beating her chasing me. I ain't dumb
august111 august111 Apr 07, 2016
What is wrong with being pregnant just as long that u ain't a hoe
yeezuswalks yeezuswalks May 12, 2016
Could he not hear what was going on? Lord. Gunshot's aren't quiet.
iluvmomo iluvmomo Sep 17, 2016
Yet who pay ur bills and where did that money come matter fact if it wasnt for him ur old ass would have been broke so chill da fuq out grandma and go take a nap or whatever 😂😂😂
cutiesmart22 cutiesmart22 Nov 20, 2015
She said she don't have nothing going on with her .YES SHE DOES SHE A HOE !