I DO <3

I DO <3

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Rafmarine Simon has never been confused in her life. She has planned everything ----> her life, her work, her activities everyday and never once failed doing it. 

She never once complained of anything cause she has the perfect life, if ever there is a life called perfect then her definitely is the perfect description of it. She has a boyfriend for 5 consecutive years and now they are getting married. She knew she love him enough to marry him. But never did she expect to find true love in the process of planning her wedding ----> HER OWN WEDDING! Who the hell falls in love to another person when your just a few months away from your wedding? 

She didn't exactly recognize the feeling of falling in love until the preacher man said: "Rafmarine, do you take Paul Zenkie to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and behold from this day on, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?

That is the one question that flooded her mind with memories of HER, the one person who taught her the meaning of life. The one person who showed her the real meaning of LOVE. 

-----> SO, will she say I DO?

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moonsun_wheebyul moonsun_wheebyul Jul 22, 2016
Rafmarine? How does one pronounce this name? And also, Rafmarine Zenkie? That is a very interesting name.
_eM_Cee_ _eM_Cee_ Jul 18, 2015
@nay_nay74 this is my first story and I'm not really a writer.. I don't care if its awful or what.. just trying to enjoy the idea in my head.. haha.. :P thanks for the advice.. :P
nay_nay74 nay_nay74 Jul 18, 2015
the grammar and writing in this first chapter is god awful ... im  not tryna be mean but this needs work ... a lot of it ...
Xxtreme Xxtreme Jun 19, 2015
my sister is obsessed with korean drama and music therefore  ik and like that song x3
_eM_Cee_ _eM_Cee_ Oct 04, 2014
@husha4 aaawww.. nice! glad to know.. so yep.. enjoy reading! :)
husha4 husha4 Oct 04, 2014
@_eM_Cee_ nah i don't think so... i'm already at chapter titled vanished... haha i'm eager to finish this story of yours :)