His Goddess, Her Wolf

His Goddess, Her Wolf

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Aurora Apollo By xXxSilenceScreamsxXx Updated 3 days ago

He kisses me gently shooting tingles throughout my entire body "I love you" he says pulling me closer "I won't ever let you slip from my hands ever I love you too much" and kisses me after each word "you" kiss "are" kiss "mine" kiss. "If anyone tries to hurt what's mine I'll kill them" he says looking into my eyes

"But I'm useless, no one would want me especially someone like you" I say looking down at the floor. He lifts up my face with his forefinger and thumb and looks me in the eyes, his own mint green eyes turning silver.


Eliana Raven Ciardha was a normal, antisocial, shy girl until the night that she was taken from her home and forced to become a slave for a very powerful man. Everything changes the night that she almost dies and meets the boy with the mint green eyes. She's launched into a world full of mythical beings that she didn't know existed, and through everything she always has by her side a boy with mint green eyes.

lizzwwrite lizzwwrite 3 days ago
Do what you have to, I completely understand. I'm just happy you're back, because for a while, I thought you'd left completely! Even though I enjoyed this book, I'm glad that you push yourself. I bet you're going to do great once again, love.
MissCuzICan MissCuzICan 3 days ago
Do whatever makes you feel better with this book. I honestly love this book so much and I'm excited to see what you do with it 😊