His Goddess, Her Wolf

His Goddess, Her Wolf

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Aurora Apollo By xXxSilenceScreamsxXx Updated Jun 28

He kisses me gently shooting tingles throughout my entire body "I love you" he says pulling me closer "I won't ever let you slip from my hands ever I love you too much" and kisses me after each word "you" kiss. "are" kiss. "mine" kiss. "If anyone tries to hurt what's mine I'll kill them" he says as his serious green eyes peer softly into mine and in that moment, I feel safer than I ever had in my life


Eliana Raven Ciardha thinks of herself as a broken toy. After she escapes the hellish clutches of the monster of a man who bought and abused her for 5 years her she is thrusted into a life full of supernatural beings, demigods and gods. She slowly starts to discover that maybe there's more to herself than meets the eye. Maybe that more will lead her down a dark path or a light one.

ddatgirll ddatgirll Jan 16
Do what you have to, I completely understand. I'm just happy you're back, because for a while, I thought you'd left completely! Even though I enjoyed this book, I'm glad that you push yourself. I bet you're going to do great once again, love.
LilAwkoBean LilAwkoBean Jan 16
Do whatever makes you feel better with this book. I honestly love this book so much and I'm excited to see what you do with it 😊