Mortals Meet Percabeth.

Mortals Meet Percabeth.

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jess By Fandomix Updated Jan 14

P e r c y  J a c k s o n

Percabeth one shots, some with the mist, some without.

Havent proof read yet, so there will be mistakes, please point them out if you see them, thanks.

AuthorOfAthena AuthorOfAthena Jul 19, 2016
Nico: I am NOT related to THAT!
                              Hazel: *wrinkles nose* Me neither
                              Boy (I forgot his name..): Wait, what?
                              Nico: *rolls eyes*
                              Boy: *sees Hazel* Hello beautiful.
                              Hazel: ew no, I have a boyfriend. *walks away*
Crappy_Writter Crappy_Writter Feb 20, 2016
Yes it is true. That the hottest boys should date the hottest girls. Like Percy is the hottest and Annabeth is the hottest. Makes sense
kaitlanasagemini kaitlanasagemini Nov 14, 2016
That is offensive to both hazel and nico and Bianca if she were alive
pancakeswithphan pancakeswithphan Mar 19, 2016
I'm not even in the Maze Runner fandom yet but can someone tell me the refrence
SooyoungJo SooyoungJo Jul 28, 2016
No! Do not quote TMR! TMR does not deserved to be quoted by you!
dancingkisa dancingkisa Jul 17, 2016
For some reason I love chapters where characters make this mistake. Make more!