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Dan and Phil Imagines

Dan and Phil Imagines

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runningfromreality_ By runningfromreality_ Updated Dec 05, 2015

   "Hey guys! It's Phil and we have a special guest star today! It's.... drumroll please... (y/n)!" You pop up into the camera's veiw and give a shy, modest wave.

"Are you trying to be modest, (y/n)?" Phil asks with a snort. You lightly punch him in the arm, but you know you will get revenge later on. 

"Shut up, Lester!" you say.

"Mmmmm... 'Lester,' I like that," Phil says with a wink. Of course, you internally scream like a fangirl, but just roll your eyes instead.

"I have my own youtube channel so Phil will put a link in the description, or click on my face to check it out! Annnnnd if he doesn't broadcast my channel to all you lovely people out there, I WILL MURDER HIM IN HIS SLEEP!" you say with a cheery smile at the end. You quickly glance at Phil, who has a horrified look on his face. You give him a creepy smile and he scoots farther away from you.

"Right... uhm... well then. This is kinda a special video cause I'm not allowed to edit it! So... whatever happens, happens....

PaleChick PaleChick Mar 27, 2016
That's how I feel about Phan. *backs away slowly so I don't get my ass kicked*
smoshyphantrash smoshyphantrash Oct 23, 2016
This is adorable ok... Seriously I can just imagine Phil finding a lovely little lady who would do this
VenusHowell1001 VenusHowell1001 Oct 31, 2016
i actually hit my head on a dresser due to my brother rip me
joyridinghowell joyridinghowell Aug 25, 2016
but why are the cakes with the babies... *existential crisis*