The mermaid mate

The mermaid mate

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wolflove_123 By wolflove_123 Updated Mar 26, 2015

When River a local mermaid discovers the one person left who she thought cared about her, her boyfriend Damien, has been cheating on her she decides to go live with her eldest brother the only person to ever care her. Her mother and other brothers wouldn't even notice she was gone. But as she swims the open blue she catches sight of sirens getting ready to attack the boat. She tried to warn the sailors but they didn't notice her. She swam away and only looked back and instead of seeing the boat sink she saw the bodies of the sirens. This just so happens to be the boat she's captured by.

Justin is the young alpha of the nightshade pack. That's right pack pack as in wolves and wolves as in werewolves. He still has yet to find his mate and Luna and is losing hope. One day he gets a call from his beta Troy that they caught something while out fishing. What could it be?

Join River and Justin as their lives collide, twist around each other, and become one in the same in,  The Mermaid Mate

  • capture
  • mates
  • mermaid
  • ocean
  • werewolf
Maerayua Maerayua Sep 23, 2017
I have one suggestion, this is otherwise an awesome book. Paragraphs, a paragraph should at least be five sentences or fifty words. And you should start a new paragraph every time a different person starts talking. Love the book though
Maerayua Maerayua Sep 23, 2017
Also maybe watching the Fosters is not a great idea while reading about a person named Liam
hinata74 hinata74 Jun 15, 2017
God!!!!are you ever going to finish this book???? I dnt like hangings and this I one of the awesomest mermaid book ever
1PicturesqueUmbrella 1PicturesqueUmbrella Aug 11, 2016
Do you really ask someone "Um...excuse me, are you dangerous?"
                              IF SHE WAS DO YOU THINK SHE'D TELL YOU?!
mikathewiseracoon mikathewiseracoon Nov 21, 2016
😂😂😂😂 in dying "before I died* you mean passes out 😂😂😂😂😂
NicaHil2004 NicaHil2004 Sep 01, 2016
I hate u Damien! * pulls out fishing net* I'll fry you and your sorry fishtail to death!!!