Nightguards X reader

Nightguards X reader

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I'm back! By somerandom_fangirl Updated Sep 10

this is a re-do of the other nightguards X reader I did.

blah blah. Jeremy, fritz, mike, Vincent, and PG are the nightguards.

who will you choose? fritz? ..mike? PG? jeremy? dare I say...Vincent?

Ahhh don't you just love the smell of murder and grape in the morning!
DweebIndeed DweebIndeed Sep 12
Oh okay
                              My blanket smells like murder and grape soda
                              Well then, that's interesting XD
Fritz is the last one, he so squishy ohhh I want to pinch his cheeeks
candy-lin candy-lin Oct 12
                              Mom:in the cabinet hon!
                              Me:*drowns blanket in purple grape detergent*(🌟u🌟) now it will smell like the purple grape killer
-glitchy-galaxies- -glitchy-galaxies- Aug 23, 2015
Silver Wolf holding a Golden Rose! Ya!
                              Bonnie with the blankie? Ya!
boxednerds boxednerds May 15, 2015
                              a rainbow spider holding  a lilac and Lilly
                              interesting to say the least