My Jerk-In-Law  ✔

My Jerk-In-Law ✔

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Meet Charlotte Van Wilson (Charlie), a twenty-three-year-old obese woman, who has the lowest self-confidence and currently unemployed, because of her weight and society's downgraded view on outer looks. The only person currently that doesn't judge her for how she looks is Jake, her neighbour and crush for two years. Three years ago, she accidentally punched a man in Prince's Club due to her high drunken state and depression she was in. 

Meet David Andrew Fosters, a twenty-five-year-old man who works as a lawyer in Foster's Law Firm, one of the best law firms in America. To keep his private life separated from media's sight, he named himself as David Heights and currently engaged to Kristine Van Wilson, Charlie's older sister. Three years ago, David was the man that had gotten punched from an obese woman in Prince's Club until he needed two stiches on his forehead. 

When Charlie meets David, the first impression didn't get through well. But things gets worse when they both recalled of the incident happened three years ago. Now, Charlie's too blame when her relationship with her soon-to-be brother-in-law takes a trip to rocky road, leaving both of them for the worst possible way to bond--and maybe...find out that the real love isn't always who you expected to be. 

[PLOT WON'T MAKE SENSE SINCE I ABANDONED EDITING THE PLOT HALFWAY. Will be doing a remake of this sometime this year or next.] 
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AK-Babar AK-Babar Jan 24, 2018
The sentence "with a poise that not even I could've gotten it right" confused me for a moment. The 'it' in the sentence seems to be a bit misplaced.
AK-Babar AK-Babar Jan 24, 2018
Would the 1980's be antique? I thought it would be vintage...
abymae abymae Jun 22, 2016
Never thought of the 80s as antique. I always thought of "antique" as close to 100yrs ago rather than twenty or so years ago. 
                              Although most states designate a vehicle as classic/antique if it's at least 25yrs old....  hmm, things to contemplate. 
AnotherKing AnotherKing Jul 19, 2015
I have read like 3 paragraphs and I love it already! gotta wait till the kiddos go to bed so I can read it uninterrupted!!
minilemon minilemon Jun 03, 2014
When I read the description I definitely thought this would be interesting, but you could add a bit more to make sound even more compelling. 
                              The prologue looks good, but I'd lead into it a bit more instead of jumping right into the plot.
_candygirl3_ _candygirl3_ Jun 02, 2014
I like the overall concept of book, which I got from the summary. However, the beginning wasn't that interesting. I don't know. I just feel like it should have a better intro. I like the way you write though. :) #CandCBookClub