Pain, Love And Hate (MalexMale) TeacherxTeacher

Pain, Love And Hate (MalexMale) TeacherxTeacher

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☠♛Vivian♛☠ By epiceviladventureme1 Completed

Sebastian Wright was going through the motions, he got his heart broken eight years ago and wasn't going to give it to noone else.

What happens when the guy that broke it comes back in to his life? 

Aidan was starting his new job as a principal at his old town, his son Brody wanted a change so he thought what's the harm? Is not like the man he hurt was there, no he is probably leaving a happy life somewhere else.

What happens when he not only sees him but has to work with him?

Can they pick up where they left off? Can Sebastian forgive him?

Can Aidan tell him the truth about why he left?

RainbowNCake RainbowNCake Mar 14, 2015
How is his son 16 then? Unless its not really his son. He was what 18 when he graduated high school? plus 8 is 26. So he had a son when he was 10? An I missing something?
epiceviladventureme1 epiceviladventureme1 Jan 23, 2013
@shadday Oh and there's 5 chapters posted already i'm not sure if you notice, i saw you posted this comment on the very first one...
epiceviladventureme1 epiceviladventureme1 Jan 23, 2013
@shadday Lol, I'll try and do my best:) I have half of the other chapter, so maybe in one more day...Thank you for commenting and voting!
shadday shadday Jan 23, 2013
can you update the book faster bcause its getting interesting and i love it by the way.
Kandyapple Kandyapple Jan 02, 2013
@Beautiful_Dirty_Rich I don't know. Sebastian said Adrian left eight years ago and the child is fifteen so he must be adopted or he's taken a relative or past lover's child as his own. Now I'm excited to find out!!!
Beautiful_Dirty_Rich Beautiful_Dirty_Rich Jan 02, 2013
@Kandyapple exactly! I was doing the same. unless of course the child look older than he was. it could happen. right?