Venomous -The Nightingale Series

Venomous -The Nightingale Series

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Katarina E. Tonks By katrocks247 Updated Jul 07, 2013

It's hard to fit in with humans when you are different. It's even harder to fit in with humans when you aren't human to begin with. When a mysterious meteor crashes to earth marked with with the highest ratings of Alien nuclear activity ever known to man, the Facility is born. It is a disturbing center for testing on the Mutants, where children and teens are probed and brainwashed into capturing their own kind. Because of this establishment millions have murdered and attacked mutants out into the open, shunning them from their homes and schools. 

Nobody knows how this meteor truly affects the population, where it came from, and why it came to us. But with it, comes a mutation called mutation XX7. A mutation that has given thousands...strange abilities.

Jessica Parker lives at the Nightingale, a school developed by a genius that provides protection to mutants that are endangered by the government. Mostly, the kids at Nightingale are kicked out of their parents home.The school is sworn to peace, but there are many humans that want each of them dead. 

When Jessica Parker has a vision of a young man escaping the Facility--an impossible escape, and then is responsible for his rescue, her life is turned upside down when he is enrolled into Nightingale.

Are you ready for a different type of monster?

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Pi-Master Pi-Master Mar 18, 2017
No!  Now I can only think of popcorn, and I just came home from the movie theatre!
hiddenfromDC hiddenfromDC Sep 17, 2017
Just picturing that John Cena vine where he sticks his head thru the thing and is like "are you sure about that?"
stillakidatheart stillakidatheart Feb 04, 2017
officer mustache watched this together  with officer beard 😂😂
action-girl action-girl Dec 30, 2015
Hahahaha the guard is so confused he doesn't even know what he's saying
SummerKisses SummerKisses Jul 31, 2015
You make me exhausted. In a good way. Your books are so amazing I end up reading them instead of doing my endless amount of homework for my university classes..........I'm addicted
LuciferTheGr8 LuciferTheGr8 Sep 22, 2014
Can I just say I Fücking love you an your stories? K, continue. :)