Alpha's Human mate

Alpha's Human mate

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Melissa's parents are killed by wolfs on her graduation day. She ends up getting kidnapped by those killers for 6 months before she ran away and met Nathan in woods by accident.

Nathan is Alpha of   Moon Knight pack one of the strongest and vicious pack. Nathan is famous for being cold hearted Alpha. What happens when he finds he has human mate that is extremely rare?Will he accept her? Will she accept him?Can he protect  Melissa from her past? Read to find out.

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Thehiddenone3358 Thehiddenone3358 Jul 08, 2017
He probably stuck his middle finger in his mouth and when he puled it out a made a *pop* noise which also happened to be him flipping her off?
_solivagant _solivagant Jun 10, 2017
Speech marks.. (") it's for when someone is speaking.. it's used at the begin and end of what they say.. it just helps the readers know when they are thinking, or speaking. 😅
leatherworker leatherworker May 29, 2017
Interesting beginning. Intriguing. What the heck is going on. I'm on pins and needles. Is she going to survive?
AmberGHawes AmberGHawes Aug 02, 2017
you said justin was her cousin then said he was her brother. it was very confusing. your grammar needs major work to be honest though. it's a good beginning but it has horrible grammar.
UghHiRy UghHiRy Nov 03, 2017
God damn, 
                              to the author of this book,
                              No one wants to fücking read a book without grammar so I’m not going to read this book and I don’t really give a shït about it, but I advise you fix your mistakes before publishing because you will get a lot of hate because of it.
ToluwaniOmobolanle ToluwaniOmobolanle Mar 02, 2017
Your story has been okay so far. But u need to check your grammars and use of words so as to make it easier for everybody who reads hour story to understand. But whoever u are I am encouraging you because I can see you are making progress. Thumbs up