Sarah's Random Blurbs

Sarah's Random Blurbs

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Gracie By hobbity0923 Updated Dec 04, 2012

I started this column for one purpose and one purpose only. Well, two:

Dwaye "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel. Question? Who's better?

I'm only asking because I went to see Fast Five yesterday and it was like an explosion of testosterone. Now, I'm not going to spoil the movie but OH. MY. GOD. I was having a CONNIPTION in the middle of the movie theater.

At first I was skeptical. I had no idea what I was walking into, and only because the majority of the party were guys and our guests did I step through that theater door.

Again, I say, OH MY GOD. I get chills thinking about it. There were planty of squeals and fanning of the face and people staring at me in amusement and irritation but GOD. It was like a god-like male overload. The rest of the cast was pretty hot too.

So comment and tell me what you think peeps! 

imsuchaboss imsuchaboss Feb 07, 2013
Honey!!!!! So cute pic btw. Ura chan! (have I spelt that right? It's supposed to b the name of the bunny)
kattti kattti Aug 27, 2012
Its wayy to hard to chose i think they are both sexxyyy like omgggggggggg
EatMyFarginShorts EatMyFarginShorts Jul 02, 2011
VIN DIESEL!!! all the way baby!
                              but i do have to say i agree with @xxAllTimeLowxx Paul Walker is ssssooooo much hotter than both of them put together!!
emotionalgrl emotionalgrl Jun 23, 2011
@xxAllTimeLowxx He doesn't have a fake tan either! 'Cause there's a very noticable tan line where his pants would sit, if they were there!
- - Jun 23, 2011
@emotionalgrl I Haven't Seen Joy Ride.. But Now I Think I May Have To ;)
bitchslayer bitchslayer Jun 18, 2011
Holy shit they r both super delicious and if I had to pick, the sexiest would be vin diesel caus he has the voice to.go with the body!!!!!