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yes love (Dipper gleeful x reader)

yes love (Dipper gleeful x reader)

16.2K Reads 487 Votes 6 Part Story
Jack and Ivan and tyler and By phoenixhawk909 Completed

Y/n is 17 years old when she move to Reverse Falls, she had to move there with her father and when she meets the Gleeful twins , will she Fall in love or will she not Find out in the story (Disclamer i dont own any of the chars all rights go to there owners)

zerowinters zerowinters Aug 01, 2016
the story is horrible 
                              *secretly reads it when nobodys looking*
                              (PS:i actually like it)
dkoolness dkoolness Aug 05, 2016
Look 4 th word wonders and then think about the whole gravity falls show
BerracoAntonio BerracoAntonio Oct 31, 2015
Well umm is this gravity falls because if it is they are the pines twins :/
MariaJ799 MariaJ799 Sep 03, 2015
I don't know if you except constructive criticism but when writing a story it's best if you don't use "so yeah" or slang in it. It's not a conversation but good luck on the rest of ur story :)
mewterra1316 mewterra1316 Jun 17, 2015
The spelling and grammar errors, if u want, I can fix them for you
shevvy101 shevvy101 May 08, 2015
Maybe work on your spelling and grammar? :) Pretty good story so far though.