The Arrogant Ghoul [Ayato Kirishima X Reader]

The Arrogant Ghoul [Ayato Kirishima X Reader]

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h i a t u s ᵔᴥᵔ By kinqyoonqi- Completed

Wherein [Y/N]'s life changes once she meets the arrogant ghoul, Ayato Kirishima.

Warning : This book contains swearing and lemon.

☆ COMPLETED : November 2, 2015 ☆

© mintfairy-yoongi

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Hey! It’s a CCG investigator that spotted me and wants to kill me!
Are you sure i look beautiful because when i look in the mirror i only see a seal
i only look like that when i have makeup on just wait when you get to know me makeup will be rare
koorigurl123 koorigurl123 Oct 04, 2017
Okay fûck this, Ayato's hair colour is either indigo/violet, there done, now stop arguing like little five year olds saying it's blue or purple it's a mix of both.
Hells__Gate__Keeper Hells__Gate__Keeper Oct 04, 2017
Uhh....did you hit your head because you would have to dot that or be crazy to say I'm pretty...... I'm fugly
Chronos_dex_Yesta Chronos_dex_Yesta Sep 17, 2017
Oh! There you are! I've been looking for you! *gets stabbed*