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Second Chances

Second Chances

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M By Czechoslovakia17 Completed

Alyssa? Dennise asked the Tall Morena Girl who's standing Beside her.

The Tall Morena Girl looked at Her and Smiled at her.

Hi.she simply said But Sorry Do i know you? Alyssa said that Cause dennise Heart Ache.

Its me.... Den Dennise said.

Sorry but thats the First time i heard that name Alyssa said.

Your Alyssa Valdez Right? Dennise Asked.

How did you know me? Its my First Time to be here Alyssa said.

You do not Remember me? Dennise said.

Sorry I dont know you She said and Smiled. She took her Umbrella and Opened it.

I have to go Den. Alyssa turned her back to Dennise but Dennise Grabs the Latters Wrist and Give Alyssa a Passionate kiss.

Dennise smiled when she Felt Alyssa responding to her Kisses.

And then,Dennise Finally Broke the Kiss.

Sorry, I didnt Mean it Dennise said and Her eyes is Just Staring Down..

Its okay. Well nice to meet you Alyssa said and Left.

Its you... my Professor Babe...


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