To Be in Control (boyxboy) DRAFT

To Be in Control (boyxboy) DRAFT

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 *Keep in mind this is the first draft, not the full detailed book.*

Tyler is living with depression and anorexia, but has been hiding it since it started.

He's also in love with his ex-best friend Michael. 

When Tyler's father passed away, Michael did something that Tyler can never forget. Now that Michael is realizing that Tyler, the boy he's secretly in love with, is falling apart and losing weight rapidly, he knows he needs to step back into Tyler's life. 

But will he be able to help Tyler? And does Tyler even want help?

*trigger warning* 
self harm, depressing thoughts, suicidal ideology/actions, anorexic/bulimic/ednos thoughts/actions, and bullying.

This is when I like to believe that karma exists, and it usually ends with fire
SaltiSquids SaltiSquids Aug 05
Bruh you are in what grade again?
                              I am in seventh and thats how much I weigh :/
- - Mar 26
I'm 11 and I'm 5'1 and I weigh 96 pounds. I'm in my opinion not that fat. I do have a bit of a belly but that's it.
riff_life riff_life 9 hours ago
I'm like 150 and 5'4 so Jesus ... It's all muscle...i wish  😂😭😂😂
SuperGayTM SuperGayTM Jun 07
*cough* excuse me I'll stop screaming to a fictional character now
ilovepeas ilovepeas Dec 13, 2016
Bashing his head on the table!
                              That's not funny!
                              That could cause serious damage to the brain!