You know your a Potterhead when...

You know your a Potterhead when...

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Lynds :) By Divergentwizards_ Completed

The name pretty much speaks for itself... Things that as Potterheads we do, and we know we are a Potterhead when we do them!

This story is very funny and relatable,yet always ends up giving readers the feels! 

Please try reading a few chapters... I can assure you: you won't stop reading until Voldemort grows a nose!

If you read this, please add You Know Your A Potterhead 2 into your library because once this story runs out of parts I will start writing on that one :)

Happy reading!!!

I don't say it often, probably once every few years 😂😂
                              NOOO DONT SAY THAT!
                              Good thing I'm at my house. My entire class is full of potterheads
SpiceyCandy SpiceyCandy Apr 06
I dont get insulted by the word Mudblood but... LET US CALL OUR ENEMIES MUDBLOOD! NYEHEHEHEHE!!! #SlytherinBeLike
I insult my muggle friends with this word and they be like 
                              "Wtf do you mean ?!" 
                              And I kinda like that 😂😂
When I saw Draco Malfoy calling Hermione a mudblood in Chamber of Secrets, I got so mad that I punched the TV
DramioneHub DramioneHub May 30
I don't like to use the M word as an insult I just use Muggle or Squib.